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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Do You Like It???

I like mine to foam...OMG get your minds out of the gutter Im talking about cleansers here people!!!  There are so many cleansers on the market you may find it difficult to choose the best one for you.  The first question I always ask is how do you like it (i.e. foaming, cleansing milk, or gel)???  After you decide how you want your cleanser to feel the next question is besides removing dirt what else would you like your cleanser to do for you-thats where my opinon comes into play.  Having worked at Sephora & Clinique I was given the oppurtuinty to put to the test tons & TONS of different cleaners.  Even before & after working at these companies Ive always had a thing for trying new cleansers to see what they did or didnt do for my face.  

Like I already mentioned I like a foaming cleanser.  Why? Because I feel my face gets the cleanest when a foaming action going on.  Ive tried alot of milk & gel based cleansers and while they have their plus's they just dont do it for me.  Milk cleansers in my opinon are excellet for dry or more mature skin types.  But they do make milk cleansers for acne & oily type skin as well.  Then we have the gel cleansers, some do get a little foamy but some dont foam at all and to me to seem like I'm just rubbing this slippery slidey gel  all over my face and not really cleaning it.  Then again Purity is a gel cleanser and thats a crazy seller at Sephora & on Oprah's Favorite Things List.  Its really about preference so find what type you like and go from there.

So what would you like it to do?  You better not say remove my makeup because then you obvi didnt read yesterday's blog post & now you hurt my feelings :(...okay Ive recovered & hopefully you read yesterday's post & we're on the same page.  I like my cleanser to remove dirt & oil and unglog pores & Id like it do have anti-aging properties.  Okay so there are a million cleansers that foam and do all of that so which ones are good & which arent?  Look at ingredients you should know that you do not want to put anything with mineral oil on your face or any part of your body!  There a ton of cleansers formulated without synthetic colors, glycols, parabens, sulphates, and petrochemicals-the act of cleansing is to purify the skin so I feel that using a natural or organic cleanser will do the best job.  The words natural & organic are not regualted by the FDA in the cosmetic market so be careful of marketing techniques and read the lables!  Sephora has created their own natural standard.  You can check out sephora.com to see what they require companies to do/have to be concidered natural/organic. 

We've narrowed my personal cleanser market down to one that foams, removes dirt & oil, unglogs pores, has anti-aging propeties, & is naturally derived.  And the winner is Organic Homemade By Greenscape: Lemon, Barley & Tomato foaming facial wash.  1st let me just say this entire skincare line is sooo great & smells so yummy you could just eat it!  But dont because that would be strange...yikes...but thats neither here nor there.  Back to the cleanser: I love this cleanser because its gets so foamy & the lemon scent makes the cleansing process seem as though it is cleaning deeper then most because of the fresh citrus smell.  But the lemon extract does more the smell lovely it contains citric acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid.  Which like I explained in my first blog helps to  remove dead skin cells & promote cell turn over bringing fresher younger looking skin to the surface.  Barley has antioxidant properties & antioxidants fight freeradicals which can prematurely age the skin.  Tomato contains lycopene which also has potent antioxident properties.  I love when antioxidents fight & win again free radicals-the dirty buggers!

Want to give this cleanser a try?  At only $15 for 10.2 fl oz you cant beat it!  I bought mine at Lavish Body + Home in Scranton, PA.  But if you dont live in the NEPA area then you can purchase on http://www.shoplondons.com/greenscape-homemade.html


  1. mmmmh...look's like I'll be making a quick trip to Lavish this weekend! My skin's been a disaster lately (prob because of the cold) and I need something new!! =)

  2. Well Saturday is your birthday might as well start off your birthday with a new cleanser I always say! Haha!!!

  3. Great review on the Greenscape Organic Homemade Foaming Facial Wash. As an FYI, this product is also available at www.fairseasons.com

  4. @ Stolbert-thanks for the tip :) This facewash is one of my favs!