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Friday, February 11, 2011

Come On & Take It Off!!!

Stop sitting there staring at your dull, uneven textured skin & take it off baby!!!  "Take off my skin...Amy you must be crazy! How is that even possible?"  Well, I am crazy...CRAZY about exfoliating that is!  Exfoliating is the act of mechanically or chemically removing dead skin cells from the skin's surface.  I'll be discussing the former today since we've already addressed forms of chemical exfoliation prior to this blog post. (I'm sure I'll be writing more on chemical exfoliation in the future since its my favorite form of exfoliation).  If you missed it then you should probably start following this blog-this is life changing stuff people!!!

Mechanical exfoliation or scrubs have little granular particles that "scratch", for lack of a better word, the skin's surface removing dead cells.  Scrubs contain particles like hydrogenated jojoba oil beads,  ground nuts or shells,  and cornmeal.  There are many different particles that companies may use, those are just a few examples. 

Our cell turnover rate slows down with age.  Which is what causes your skin to have that dull & uneven skin texture.  Daily exfoliation will give a helping hand to your slowed down cell renewal process, stimulating the cells to renew quicker.  Long-term good skincare habits will result in much healthier and much younger looking skin.  Exfoliation isn't just an anti-aging warrior but a hero in the world of clogged pores & excess oil too.

My 2 favorite mechanical exfoliantes are Cliniques 7 Day Scrub Cream ( for all skin types) & Cliniques Exfoliating Scrub ( for oily & very oily skin types).  I have put to the test both of these products and absolutely love them both.  The 7 day Scrub Cream is an Allure Reader's Choice Winner that gentley polishes the skin's surface smoothing away fine lines & prepping the skin for your moisturizer.  The Exfoliating Scrub is a 2009 winner of InStyle magazine's BestBeautyBuys.  If you have oily skin say goodbye to the yucky oil & hello to radiance!  This water-based scrub will unclog your pores leaving you with a refreshed complexion.  The instructions for both of these products suggest that you use them before you wash your face.  Sorry Clinique I love these exfoliantes but don't love the suggested usage.  To me it makes more sense to have my collected dirt & oil be removed before I started scrubbing it into my pores...with both of these products, I 1st removed all makeup (eye & face) then washed my face (with the Clarisonic) then used either scrub.  Makes more sense this way-silly Clinique! 

There are many exfoilaters out there these 2 just happen to be my favorite-they have an excellent price point of $18.50.  One of my followers asked me my opinion on some drugstore brand exfoilaters.  Unless its Shampoo I'm anti-drugstore brand & would never suggest to use those skincare lines.  I guess I'm a luxury brand snob & addict :(  Oh well, there are worse things to be addicted to-like black tar heroin for example now that is an expensive habit not to mention what it must do your complexion.  At least my addiction to exfoliating my skin will leave me with a glowy complexion...hehe!!!


  1. How do you feel about using face cloths to take off your make up with a cream cleanser? After reading one of your blogs you mention Petroleum as a ingredieant that you DO NOT want to use as a cleanser ...I am assuming that PETROLATUM is a derivative correct

  2. By face cloth do you mean like a wash cloth? If so then washing your face with your hands or wash cloth is fine-but if your looking to truely cleanse your skin of immpurties & want your skincare to work 6x's better then get the Clarisonic! Also cream cleansers are great for more mature skin types since it is moisturising for the skin.

    You do not want to use Petroleum or mineral oil in anything you put on your body not just in your cleanser. Im talking body lotion, all of it! Its trash, garbage! Dont use it. Yes petrolatum is the same thing as pertroleum.