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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Are What You Eat

Shoveing Taco Bell down your gullet will not result in a radiant & smooth complexion people.  I got a question asking if what you eat effects how your skin looks.  And while I know that eating junk food isnt good for your health or skin I wanted to look into it a little further & find foods for you that ARE good for your face!  So many people make dieting & loosing weight a new years reseloution which is great-eating a healthy diet is an excellent way to live your life.  But here's some extra motavation, not only are you going to loose the extra lb's. but you'll have beautiful skin to match your new 2011 body!

Obviousally Im not a nutrisinast so I had to do some online researching to find the answer to this question.  I found the following "10 Foods For Your Face" at lifescript.com

# 1 AVOCADOS: while your making your DIY at home avocado mask go ahead and eat some too!  Avocados have a ton of essential oils & B-complex vitamins that are good for you inside & out.  "Niacin (vitamin B3) is especially important for healthy skin, and avocados contain lots of it. Niacin, an anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin and red, blotchy skin. One avocado has 3.8 mg niacin – 27% of your daily need."

# 2 MANGOS: "Mangoes have more than 80% of your daily requirements for vitamin A, which is why they’re such a great face food. Vitamin A maintains and repairs skin cells; a deficiency will result in a dry, flaky complexion.  As an antioxidant, vitamin A also fights free radical damage that can prematurely age the skin. And with fewer than 70 calories per serving, this succulent fruit is the perfect pick for your figure, not just your face."

# 3 ALMONDS: Almonds contain 150% of your daily intake of vitamain E.  "Vitamin E's rich oils moisturize dry skin, and its antioxidants protect against skin damage and premature aging".

# 4 COTTAGE CHEESE: So far Ive been excited to see that the foods we're something I enjoyed eating anyway.  But Cottage Cheese, none for me thank you!  But if you like it then go for it!  Cottage Cheese contains selenium an important mineral.  "Selenium teams up with vitamin E as a powerful free radical-fighting antioxidant duo. Plus, it’ll protect against skin cancer and fight dandruff."

# 5  ACEROLA CHERRIES: "One of these cherries supplies 100% of your daily allowance for vitamin C, which is great news for your skin. As an antioxidant, vitamin C fights skin damage and wrinkles. It also plays a central role in the production of collagen, the structural protein in your skin."

# 6 OYSTERS: Not just for help in the bedroom department! "They fight pimples because they’re rich in zinc. The mineral affects sebum production, a deficiency may contribute to acne. Zinc also helps boost elastin (the skin's elastic protein) production with the help of vitamin C."

# 7 BAKED POTATOES: Im pretty sure they arent refering to a loaded baked potato, you know with all that yummy melted chedder cheese & BUTTER...but oh well if you do load up your potato atleast you can rest knowing part of it was good for your face!  "Eat one baked potato (with the skin) to get 75% of your daily copper need. This essential mineral works with vitamin C and zinc to produce the elastin fibers that support skin structure. Too little copper in your diet can reduce your skin’s ability to heal and cause it to become rigid and lifeless."

#8 MUSHROOMS:  "Rich in riboflavin, a B vitamin that’s vital to your skin. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is involved in tissue maintenance and repair, and improves skin blemishes caused by rosacea. This vitamin is so important for skin repair that the body uses large amounts after sustaining a burn or wound, or undergoing surgery."

#9 FLAXSEED OIL:  ARGHHH it's so annoying when your mother is right!!!  Okay mom, I'll start taking flaxseed oil again..."Just one teaspoon of flaxseed oil per day provides 2.5 grams of omega 3s, which, in turn, hydrate the skin. Essential fatty acids also dilute sebum and unclog pores that otherwise leads to acne."  According to Joan it takes nearly nine capsulas of flaxseed oil  to give you the same benefit of just one tablespoon of the oil.  So even thou its not the most pleasant thing in the world its worth it...so just suck it up and shoot it down!

#10 WHEAT GERM:  Two in a row!!!  Another thing my mother has told me countless times to incorporate into my diet...fine I'll eat it!!!  But let me get something straight, it's not because YOU told me to but because it's good for my skin...so there! "Wheat germ is a good source of biotin, a B vitamin that's crucial to skin health. A mild biotin deficiency can cause dermatitis, a condition characterized by itchy, scaly skin."

So there you have it people 10 foods that are healthy for you inside & out!  In addition in adding these foods to your diet its essential to drink your 8 glasses of water a day to keep your skin plump and hydrated!

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