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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do You Shower With Your Clothes On???

I didn't think so.  Then why are you washing your face with a full face of makeup on??? I know some cleansers claim they remove your makeup as you cleanse, but this makes no sense to me.  Allow me to explain:  okay so its the end of the day & your ready to wash your face. You wet your face, dispense your 2 in 1 cleanser and lather away.  As your washing, your makeup is dissolving away, wonderful, thank you 2 in 1 cleanser!  But besides taking off your makeup is really getting down to the surface?  I just don't think it can.  15 seconds into the cleansing process & your lather is now a foundation-y soapy mess.  You're now scrubbing not only the foundation back into your pores, but the dirt that has collected on the top of the foundation throughout the day.  So it is my opinion that in theory a 2 in 1 cleanser is great, but unless Houdini is living in your cleanser bottle there is no way it can remove your makeup & thoroughly remove impurities such as dirt & oil as well.  Like I asked do you shower with your clothes on???

The solution?  Take the extra 30 seconds and remove all your makeup before you start scrubbing away.  Clinique has 3 excellent makeup removers : Rinse-Off Foaming Cleaner (for dry combination or oily skin types), Comforting Cream Cleanser ( for dry, delicate or sensitive skin types), and the Wash-Away Gel Cleanser ( for oily or very oily skin types).  All 3 are designed to remove your makeup so that your cleanser can do its work and remove all the impurities of the day & leave you with truly clean skin.

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