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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Im not talking about drinking till you pass out with (gasp) a full face of makeup on, I'm talking about your SKIN being thirsty for facial!  We put our skin through alot be it free radicals, too much sun exposure, or falling asleep with your makeup on & your skin & you deserve a little extra pampering.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to take a weekly trip to the spa for a facial but that doesn't have to stop you from giving your face the extra TLC it rightly deserves! 

Once a week since I as long as I can remember I've given myself weekly facials. What I like to do is either chemically or physically exfoliate my skin, following up with a treatment mask addressing the skin care concern most important to me.  I exfoliate first because I feel then my mask can really get down to business.  Currently I'm using Fresh's Sugar Face Polish & Bliss's Steep Clean professional-strength facial mask. The Sugar Face Polish is an exfoliating mask that brightens & refines your skin revealing a more radiant complexion.  It is formulated without GMOs, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Sulfates, Synthetic dyes, or Triclosen.  The real brown sugar crystals in this innovative formula blended with the crushed wild strawberries work together to dissolve dead skin cells leaving you with totally nourished skin.  In addition the moisturizing blend of meadowfoam seed, plum, mango, and macadamia oils condition your skin leaving it feeling supple & soft.  After I've applied this to cleansed moist skin & I have gently massaged for about a minute into my skin-I then leave the product on for about 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. I pat dry my face & now apply the Bliss Steep Clean facial mask.  This mask is formulated without Phthalates or Petrochemicals.  Steep Clean truly is a steep clean preventing clogged pores, minimizing not only breakouts but pores, and brightens skin all in about 15 minutes.  This a must-have mask for all skin types, but definitely amazing for people with congested skin like myself.

Like Ive stated in previous posts everyone needs to exfoliate!  Even drier skin types-which by the way the Fresh Sugar Face Polish would be amazing for you!  But not everyones number one skincare concern is acne or clogged pores, maybe its fine lines & wrinkles, whichever your concern is there is a at home treatment.  Feel free to ask for advice in finding the perfect at home facial for you-your skin deserves a treat!

Happy Thirsty Thursday-please drive safely & remove your makeup :)

Yikes, looks like she removed more than just her makeup...but something tells me that her makeup, along with her undies are the only thing still on...!!!

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