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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LIVE From The Red Lip...

In honor of Sundays Oscars I'd like to address the red lip.  One swipe of a red lipstick can instantly transform you to a glamorous more sexier you.  True Red is my personal favorite, but there is a red lipstick out there for everyone.  Well not everyone feels comfortable with a red lip-I say raise the comfort level people and own it.  What good is a red lip if you don't feel absolutely fierce when wearing it?

How to create a red lip:  #1 it takes a bit longer than swiping on your everyday nude.  You need to use a lip brush when applying a serious red.  Using a lip brush allows for a more accurate application.  My favorite lip brush is made by Inglot Cosmetics.  You can check it out on their website inglotcosmetics.com under the top header "Brushes", then under lip brushes the brush I love & use is 12S.  You cant buy from their website unfortunately & they only have 5 stores in the US but if you are ever near one GO!  Then you will need to use a liner that matches your lipstick shade exactly! This isn't the 90's anymore, you don't want to look like your wearing a liner, but you HAVE to wear one with a red lip.  A liner will prevent feathering & bleeding and make it a ton easier when applying the lipstick.  My ultimate favorite red liner is Makeup Forever's Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip liner Pencil in Red 8C, it's a beautiful true red. Available at sephora.com for only $17!  Okay, now with lip brush in hand your ready to get red.  My favorite red is made by Lavish Body + Home.  The Mirco Bubble Lipstick in Micro Red available at Lavish Body + Home in Scranton, PA for $15.  Like the Makeup Forever Lip pencil it is a true beautiful red.  It is long wearing trust me!  My husband wont kiss me if I'm wearing lipstick and it'll be 5 hours of wearing this lipstick and he still wont kiss me because it's still on! Even after eating & drinking.  I'm like "Joshua its not coming off just kiss me already!"  Now if you want to try out the orange lip trend you can finish with an orange lip gloss.  I think this lip gloss is my favorite lip gloss period.  Also made by Makeup Forever, Glossy Full Couleur #2 (vibrant orange).  Kinda freaking out because I just went on the Sephora website & its not on there.  But it is on the makeup forever website so its not discontinued.  Ummm interesting I would think Sephora would be caring it this season with the focus on orange lips?  Anyway if you can find it & want it, get it!  Not only does it look amazing over top a true red it looks great alone or over other shades too.  It gives your lip that uber glossy mirror finish.  And has a minty fragrance reinforcing the iced frosty effect of the gloss.

I feel like such a tool taking a picture of myself like this so please don't judge me haha!

Ahh yes right the Oscars...I forgot I got carried away by my love of The Red Lip...my top picks for best dressed # 1: Michelle Williams, #2 Cate Blanchett, # 3 Hillary Swank

Bottom 3: (best of the worst to worst) #1 Scarlett Johansson (she is so beautiful but did not look like she was going to award show with that beachy hair and her dress was unflattering & clashed with the carpet) # 2 Jennifer Hudson ( she just got such an amazing body but the dress is so not right for her body & made her look frumpy!  Especially in the boob area!) # 3 Jennifer Lawrence (she looked like she was wearing Pam Anderson's Baywatch swim suit in a dress form. This is the super bowl of award shows and I think it was totally inappropriate)

 Who were your top & bottom 3???


  1. I def agree about the Baywatch dress. One website online gave her an A for her outfit - I just don't see it!

    Michelle Williams on the other hand looked absolutely gorg! When I first saw her, I thought she was channeling Audrey on the night that Audrey won the Oscar. The style and silhouette of her dress is completely different than Audrey's was, but something about her hair and her outfit reminded me of Ms. Hepburn.

  2. Yes, totes agree w/ Michelle channeling Audrey she had a grace about her that was very Audrey on Oscar night...I <3 her now