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Monday, April 4, 2011

Will Work For Bold Lashes

Big, beautiful lashes are my favorite.  The bigger I can make my lashes the better.  I'm a huge fan of lashes & mascara & I've tried every mascara under the sun in search of the ultimate lash plumping formula.  Although, this search will go on for decades to come, I of coarse will find winners along the way.  And along the way it is my job to share with you which ones to splurge on & which to skip. 

So, for some reason or another I have never tried any makeup or skincare from Estee Lauder, until recently when they launched their Limited Edition Bronze Goddess Soleil collection.  Macy's was having their gift with purchase so I figured, why not give Estee Lauder a shot?  As you may have read I'm in love with the Bronze Goddess Island Oasis Eyeshadow Palette-this palette is really to die for & I look forward to Estee's future Limited Edition Collections!  Anyway, in the gift with purchase they included a mascara sample of their Sumptuous BoldVolume Lifting Mascara & I love it!  This mascara is well worth the $21.00 with its super rich black formula that wraps each lash into a flirtatious curl.  The look you get is truly a bold, lush lash.  After I go threw my sample this definitely a mascara I plan on purchasing. 

Left side w/ mascara & right side w/o

Prior to trying the Sumptuous BoldVolume Lifting Mascara I was using Clinique's High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara ($14.50).  Although the price is more budget friendly, I feel that in terms of "black-ness" the Clinique formula is almost gray in comparision.  And as for volume & curl again, Estee's mascara wins by a long shot!  So far I haven't noticed any clumping issues with the Estee mascara but with the Clinique there was some clumping on occasion.  In my opinion it's most definitely worth the extra $6.50.  The Sumptuous BoldVolume Lifting Mascara is on the winner's list- A+

Both sides with the mascara

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