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Friday, April 1, 2011

If it Doesnt Stop Snowing I Will Spray This Dry Shampoo in My Eyes!

Did you hear that, Weather Gods???  I'll do it! I'll spray this perfectly good dry shampoo into my eyes if I have to see any more white stuff on the ground!  I can't take it anymore, people!!!  On the other hand, I can take more of Suave Professionals new Dry Shampoo, that's for sure.  First of all let me just tell you that for $2.79 you can get yourself a 5 oz. bottle of dry shampoo--this is compared to the Rene Furterer dry shampoo that can run you $24 for a 3.2 oz. bottle! That's a savings of $21.21, people! Not to mention you get an additional 1.8 oz. out of the Suave Professional Dry Shampoo.  Having tried the Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo I can say that the Suave Professionals will refresh your hair as well as the Rene Furterer does (like the bottle claims). 

Unsure of what a dry shampoo does? Well, it absorbs the oil in your hair & refreshes your "do" between washes.  In other words, it's a huge time saver.  I hate having to wash my hair every day, then blow dry & flat iron it.  Not to mention I'm sure my hair feels the same way about all that damaging heat!  But if I don't wash my hair every day it gets greasy & limp.  With the help of a dry shampoo I can get some extra days in between washes!  With the Suave Professional Dry Shampoo not only does it save me $21.21, give me more of the product, & more of my time, it also gives my hair tons of texture & volume!

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