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Friday, March 11, 2011

Surge Into A Younger You!

Have I found the fountain of youth?  Maybe...keep reading!  Being that I have acne & oily prone skin I tend not to be able to use anti-aging products because they are always on the more emollient side & cause me to either break out or have way oily skin.  Which is completely annoying because I am a huge believer in prevent, prevent, prevent-it's much easier to prevent signs of aging than it is to reverse the signs of aging.  Like I've said before I'm always switching up my skincare routine because I'm obsessed with trying new products to see what the results are to my skin.  In other words your personal guinea pig.  So when I buy something more than once you know it has to be the best.

The answer is yes, I have found the Fountain of Youth & it's at your nearest Clinique counter.  Clinique's Youth Surge Night for dry combination skin.  "But Amy, you have oily skin how on earth are you using a product meant for dry combination skin?!"  Well, I'm on my second, i repeat my second jar, and find that it does not make me breakout or make my skin feel like an oily mess.  It is an age decelerating night moisturizer that enhances your natural skin repair process which happens while you sleep. 

The magic comes from the patent pending technology of Sirtuin which increases your natural skin repair process so when you rise & shine your skin is energized-whether you got the coveted 8 hours of sleep or not.  Your skin is plump & fully hydrated come morning.  Fine lines & wrinkles will never creep up on your vibrant skin that is fully alive with natural collagen & elastin!  

I feel this product is ideal for people who are trying to prevent aging.  I cant vow for how it works with correcting damage that has already taken place.  Personally, I feel a stronger anti-aging night moisturizer would be a better solution for people over 35.  Though Clinique does claim that it can turn "back the clock"-so if you are over 35 & want to give it a whirl then by all means try it out & let me know how it worked for you.  And to the people in the 25-35 age group run, don't walk to your nearest Clinique counter and prevent, prevent, PREVENT those wrinkles!  Happy sleeping...ZzzZZZ


  1. I completely saw your point to prevent now because its much easier than trying to fix it after the fact, and went and bought a face cream that helps wrinkles and firms as well, and when Chad saw it after making fun of me for 10 mins tried to throw it out. Thought you would find that funny :)

  2. OMG he tried to throw it out?! First of all which one did you get??? And second, you'll be the one laughing when you have the skin of a 15 yr old & he's a wrinkle-y old man...YIKES!!!