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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For The Man In Your Life

If your guy is a man's man & would rather get a root canal than go on a shopping trip to your local Sephora then introduce him to Jack Black.  No, not the actor.  Jack Black the grooming label for your manly man!  If your guy is sick of razor burn, nicks, & cuts, then Jack Black's advanced shaving regime is his solution. 

Starting with Jack Black's Beard Lube-he can turn 3 steps into 1!  Talk about low maintenance! This shave formula is a pre-shave oil, shave cream, & skin conditioner in 1.  Beard Lube is not only revolutionary thanks to its unique 3 in 1 formula but because of its killer ingredient list too.  The light weight, smooth formula, penetrates even the toughest beard allowing the blade to glide easily preventing razor burn.  And for an even closer shave in the future the Jojoba oil & Macadamia Nut oil go below the surface of the skin & soften his future whiskers for an even easier shave the next time! 

But dont just take my word for it-let's talk to a guy that's put it to the test
ME:  "Husband, can you describe to me in your own words why you love shaving with Beard Lube?"
HUSBAND:   "It doesn't irritate my skin, I don't get razor burn, & its a close shave."
ME: "So you would recommend this products to other guys having personal success with it yourself?"
HUSBAND: "Absolutely."

To finish off the best shave of his life he can smooth on Jack Black's Post Shave Cooling Gel.  The alcohol-free Post Shave Gel soothes irritation & redness while the aloe, chamomile, & ,witch hazel calm skin & provide relief from razor burn.  Both products are also fragrance & colorant free so you can be sure that your sensitive skinned Hubby will have a smooth non-irrated, clean shave.  In my husband's words "I would never use anything else-Jack Black is superior to all the rest".

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