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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All the LUX minus the BUCKS

Being a Stay-at-home-Mom has been my number one priority & something that has been really important to my husband & I.  Since we don't have 2 salaries coming in budgeting & prioritizing is a must.  But I CAN NOT live without all my pricey lotions & potions...and I found a way that I don't have to!  I literally tried using drug store brand body lotions & my skin felt absolutely horrible & snake-like.  I couldn't take it anymore & went and splurged on a $25 body butter...but that didn't really fly well with my husband, understandably.  Then a miracle happened: I was on a holiday return trip to Marshalls when I came across their beauty section!  They have top of the line hair care, skin care, and bath & body products!  I think I always knew this but for some reason never really processed.

Ive discovered an ultra fab body butter by Kings & Queens. $4.99 at Marshalls vs. $15.00 elsewhere!  Mineral Oil & Paraben free this body butter enriches your skin with shea butter & coconut oils.  The scent they had at Marshalls was Nerfertiti Honey but if you check out their website: www.forkingsandqueens.com you can check out the whole line.  I haven't even heard of this company before I came across it at Marshalls but now I'm hooked!  The Nefertiti Honey Body Butter smells amazing & has a royal mix of pomegranate blue lotus, and malachite.  Kings & Queens isn't the only brand at Marshalls that caught my eye.  Every time Ive been there they have had fancy delicious smelling French soaps, The Body Shop body butters & scrubs, they even carry DDF & Peter Thomas Roth skincare items!  Today I even saw they had the StriVectin Intensive Concentrate for Stretch Marks & Wrinkles for only $49.99 at Sephora & department stores you'll pay $135!!! 

If your looking for a great deal on more then just clothes, which is the first thing I think of when someone says Marshalls, then head to your closest Marshalls or TJMAXX asap before all the good stuff is gone! 

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